How To Get A Portuguese Golden Visa From Malaysia? We Can Help

Individuals and families all over the world are flocking to Portugal owing to its enviable climate, beautiful landscapes, low crime rate, and the lowest cost of living in Western Europe. If you’re dreaming of making the move from Kuala Lumpur to this highly sought after destination through a commercial venture, MCS Corporate Services in Labuan can guide you through the complex process.

Recently, MCS Corporate Services has started offering a service designed to help investors in the Southeast Asian nation’s capital get residency status in Portugal by way of its official residence-by-investment programme.

Since 2004, the consultant team of MCS Corporate Services has been aiding individuals and groups in setting up companies, obtaining business licenses, applying for work permits, and locating business centres in a number of regions.

In Portugal, besides purchasing real estate, one of the routes in which you can achieve a residence permit is by making a business investment in the country.

According to the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, the agency in Portugal in charge of immigration issues, one may apply for a Residence Permit for Investment after making a sizeable capital transfer or investing at least €350,000 towards the creation of a commercial entity that employs five Portuguese nationals.

The Golden Visa affords you a number of rights, such as the freedom to reside, work, and study anywhere in Portugal and to travel to other Schengen territories without the need for another visa. You may also extend the benefits of the visa to your family members and apply for full citizenship after five years.

MCS Corporate Services has made a name for itself for offering incorporation services in its native Labuan, but over the years has expanded its jurisdiction to include international locations. In addition to Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the company can help you incorporate a company in British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands, Seychelles, Belize, Anguilla, Samoa, St. Vincent, Panama, Brunei, and United Arab Emirates (UAE), among other countries.

While incorporation processes differ per country, MCS Corporate Services explained that it remains a mandatory process that ensures the legality of a business entity. It added that the various aspects of incorporation, such as taxation, legislation, and the required paid-up capital, are where the knowledge and experience of its seasoned offshore consultants can be of enormous value to you.

“Our mission and vision as one of the most trusted business consultants is to provide a holistic solution for all international businesses. From the business formation process to the management of each individual company, we insist on offering a smooth and seamless experience to all of our clients,” it explained on its website.

Get the Golden Visa application process right the first time with expert advice from MCS Corporate Services’ team of offshore investment advisors.

Your All-In-One Solution
✓ Company Registration
✓ Business License Application
✓ Labuan Business Director’s Visa
✓ Visa Application For Dependents
✓ Landing Procedure & Banker Interview
✓ Renewal Of Business Visa

We’ll provide a hassle-free assistance that will cover all aspects of your Labuan business formation in a prompt, trusted, and reliable manner. As we have been setting up offshore companies in Labuan since 2004, you can trust in our industry know-how and expertise.