Why Labuan Company?

Simple Incorporation Requirements

The business structure is a simple one that only requires one director and one shareholder and they can be the same person.

No Financial Requirement

The taxes and costs associated with setting up a company in Labuan and a residential address are low,the minimum paid-up capital for the company needs to be only 1 USD.

Low Tax

The corporate income tax for a company in this special region is only 3% on your profit and in some cases, companies are completely exempt from the profits tax.

Fast Incorporation

The general incorporation of a Labuan company only take 5-7 days and can be accomplished even if the foreign investors cannot be present in Labuan during the entire procedure.

The Unique Characteristic of a Labuan Company

  • A Labuan Company has an excellent confidentiality policy. A Labuan company information cannot be found in any public registry.
  • Labuan is located in Malaysia and Malaysia is a politically stable country.
    Malaysia is a Commonwealth Country. Laws are based on the English legal system.
  • Labuan has a liberal exchange control.
  • Labuan has a good banking system and facilities, with tens of onshore banks and offshore banks. Multicurrency online banking account is available for a Labuan Company. Initial deposits can range from USD$10,000 to USD$500,000.
  • Malaysia is a major trading country worldwide especially in South East Asia, and Labuan is part of it.
  • Labuan Shelf companies are an available for swift business setup or turnkey project.
  • Labuan Company has Low paid-up capital requirements. The paid-up capital of a Labuan Company can be as low as USD$1.
  • Directors and shareholders of a Labuan Company can host meetings from any location across the world.
  • Labuan Company has no restrictions on nationality for directors and shareholders.
  • Labuan company has no nationality requirements for directors and shareholders.
  • Any currency can be used for a Labuan Company.
  • Labuan company adopts no authorized capital and no par value regime

How to Incorporate Your Company in Labuan?

Step 1: Preparation

Decide on your company name to be registered and send it to us by email or WhatsApp.

Step 2: Your Labuan Company Details

Provide the documents and information required in our company registration checklist by email or WhatsApp.

Step 3: Make Payment

Make payment and send us the bank in slip by email or WhatsApp. You may Wire Transfer for the payment).

Step 4: Await documents

Once registration is done, you will receive the necessary documents including Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and etc.

Labuan – the ideal jurisdictionfor your international business

The first very appealing characteristic of Labuan Company is that a Labuan Company can be fully owned by single foreign business owner. This simply means that there is no need to have a local resident partner in a Labuan company. A non-Malaysia can fully owned the Labuan Company. This is why many foreign investors or business owners choose to setup a Labuan Company to operate their international business.

Another important characteristic for the Labuan Company is the low paid-up capital requirements. The minimum paid-up capital is as low as USD1 allowing investors and business owners to start their business with minimum start-up expenditure. Other types of companies in other jurisdictions will have higher or different requirements.

Labuan Company is a type of legal entity that has a very simple business structure. A Labuan Company can be formed by only one director and one shareholder and they can be the same person. Moreover, the Labuan Company can be used as a vehicle for asset and wealth management.

A Labuan Company can be registered very fast. The entire process takes less than a week upon submission of full documentation required for company registration. You can commence the company registration even if you are still in your country of residence.

There is no goods and services tax (GST) or sales and services tax (SST) on sales transactions performed in Labuan. The GST/SST in Labuan is equivalent to value-added tax (VAT), an indirect tax that applies to the sale of goods and services in other countries. It usually range from 5%-10% and sometimes higher. It is one of the taxes payable by companies in many other countries.

Apart from the GST, SST or VAT exemption, there are no withholding taxes on dividends, interest, royalties, management and technical fees. This broad tax exemption policy become an important benefit for all foreign investors and business owners in Labuan.

One of the most important advantage from a taxation point of view is that the corporate tax for a Labuan Company is only 3% on profit, making it one of the lowest in the region. If the Labuan Company is solely doing holding activities, the corporate tax is 0%.

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